Heavy Metal Cover Superstar Stacy E. Walker on Working as an Artist's Model

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Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 11:11 AM

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  • Shannon Cottrell
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Stacy E. Walker has done a lot of modeling for artists. She's appeared on book covers and has worked with video game and animation companies. Her best known gigs, though, are with Heavy Metal. Walker has graced the cover of the renowned science-fiction and fantasy magazine a whopping twelve times, having posed for artists like Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell and Alex Horley. Several statues have been made in her likeness. She's also appeared on a number of Heavy Metal posters and t-shirts.

Wednesday night, Walker appeared at Meltdown Comics for Heavy Metal's 35th anniversary, part of the "Lost Angeles: 35 Days with Kevin Eastman" event. I met up with her during the party to ask about her career.

click to enlarge Stacy E. Walker in Glen Keeper by Alex Horley - SHANNON COTTRELL
  • Shannon Cottrell
  • Stacy E. Walker in Glen Keeper by Alex Horley
How did you first start modeling?

I was a professional dancer and I kept being told that I was 'too ethnic' and I needed to find something else to do that I loved, so I started modeling for romance covers. I wanted to do more sci-fi and somebody took me to a sci-fi convention and I started working with those artists. I grew up on comic books and I always wanted to be an action figure. This is how I was able to do that.

What was your first experience with Heavy Metal?

Comic-Con. They kept asking artists to submit sketches and, after a while, they realized that it's always the same person. They said, this girl really represents and evokes what Heavy Metal is all about. So, they invited me to come to Comic-Con and sign in the booth. It was just an eye-opener because people couldn't believe that I existed. That's what got my marketing career going, so I could take this to another level and brand myself and what I do.

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