Helvetica Tramp Stamps, Cookies & Baby Onesies: 9 Unexpected Uses For A Typeface

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Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 6:07 AM

Helvetica is the font--excuse me, typeface--that won't quit. We see it everywhere (remember Gary Hustwit's documentary film Helvetica?). Here, in order of ascending awesomeness, are nine excellent and hilarious takes on the typeface to rule all typefaces.

9. Metallica Helvetica

I'd like to see this one by Yann Serandour in actual tee shirt format. It's currently a wood etching. Says the artist, it is "The inversion of two radically opposed visual identities. Helvetica is a font created in 1957 by the Swiss graphic designer Max Miedinger (1910-1980) for the Haas Type Foundry in Basel. Metallica is an American heavy metal group formed in 1981 in Los Angeles."

It has a companion piece, with the word Metallica printed in Helvetica.

click to enlarge VIA YANN SERANDOUR
  • via Yann Serandour

8. Hollywoodvetica

A poster for Gary Hustwit's Helvetica documentary. I'm not sure what typeface the real Hollywood sign is cast in. Any of you design nerds know?

click to enlarge hollywoodvetica.jpg

7. Sex, Drugs, Helvetica, Bold

This tee shirt by Collapse Design is also available in red.

click to enlarge helveticabold.jpg

6. You Are More Perfect Than Helvetica

Now that's love. Weird. Nerdy. But love. (From TheVoiceThatSaid's Flickr.)

click to enlarge loveyoumorethanhelvetica.jpg

5. Helveticookies

Beverly Hsu made these cookies with Helvetica-shaped cookie cutters also of her own making. Many layers of playful font geekiness in this one. Helvetica as a cookie-cutter typeface.

click to enlarge helveticookies_beverlyhsu.jpg

click to enlarge cookie_e.jpg

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