2010's Top 10 Fashion Trends In LA: Tranimals, Feathered Femmes, Wonderland Wares, And More

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Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 6:10 AM

click to enlarge We Heart 2010 Fashion. Well, some of it... - LINA LECARO
  • Lina Lecaro
  • We Heart 2010 Fashion. Well, some of it...

For many, 2010 was a year for dressing to express, often in excess. Blending in, for the most part, was not an option when out on the town in LA. Inspired by everything from music and movies to retro style and well, we don't know what, here we present the 10 most notable styles and trends of twenty ten, some of which (#5, #1), we really wouldn't mind seeing meet their end in twenty eleven.

10. Tranimal Instinct

click to enlarge Gaga Schmaga. Tranimals -Fade-Dra (left) and one of her followers- eat meat dresses for breakfast. - LINA LECARO
  • Lina Lecaro
  • Gaga Schmaga. Tranimals -Fade-Dra (left) and one of her followers- eat meat dresses for breakfast.
Performers and club hosts Squeaky Blonde and drag daughter Fade-Dra Phey were all over the place this past year, and their demented, often face concealing get-ups were epic to say the least. We could not resist shooting them, ever. Nobody did it freakier, but thanks to photog Austin Young, who hosted "Tranimal" workshops and makeovers helmed by the duo, many tried. By end of the year, we definitely noticed the duo's influence on the cross-dresser community, which rocked creative cosmetics and clothing that went way beyond big wigs.

9. Boots and Blooms

click to enlarge Tough yet tender twosome. - LINA LECARO
  • Lina Lecaro
  • Tough yet tender twosome.
Floral print frocks were in full bloom in 2010's warmer months, but hip chicks, for the most part, abandoned pairing them with the gladiator sandals of last year, opting for a clunkier, and sweatier, option-- big boots. Baggy flower print dresses and jumpers of the '80s came back with a vengeance, no where more noticeable than at outdoor events like Sunset Junction Street Fair and F Yeah Fest.

8. Recycled Wearables

click to enlarge Targeted trend - LINA LECARO
  • Lina Lecaro
  • Targeted trend
Recycled fashion was more about buying vintage (and bringing cute canvas bags to the supermarket), but every now and then, it was also about seeing something fun like this ensemble. She may have taken the plastic bag at Tar-Jay, but at least she didn't let it go to waste.

7. Candy Girls

click to enlarge Natalia Fabia made her tresses tasty - LINA LECARO
  • Lina Lecaro
  • Natalia Fabia made her tresses tasty
Katy Perry's sweet treat fetish saw her donning plenty of edible girly-girl get-ups this year and she looked so good, we all ended up wanting to pour some sugar on ourselves. Lolita lasses (pretty in pink types fond of the Hello Kitty, Tarina Tarantino baubles and Japanese Fruits fashion) have always had a human cupcake-like quality, but this year, more gals than ever were clothed like confections.

6.Begging For Jeggings & Leggings To Kick It? Not yet.

click to enlarge Sam Sparro gets leggy with it. - LINA LECARO
  • Lina Lecaro
  • Sam Sparro gets leggy with it.
Leggings have been on our trend list for the past three years now, and they've a stayed strong style, especially printed ones (more floral prints!). But the bizarre hybrid known as "jeggings" (jeans meets leggings) were particularly omnipresent this year. Pros: they offer the look of skinny jeans -easily tucking inside of boots- minus the restrictive sausage feel. The bad: as with leggings, you gotta wear 'em with longer, tunic tops or risk camel toe.

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