Emily Strange at Royal/T: 10 Best Items To Spend Your Money On At Her Pop-Up Store

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Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 6:27 AM

  • Photo by Gendy Alimurung
Do you like Emily Strange? From now until November 11, that cute little goth girl will be lurking about at Royal/T Cafe in Culver City. She has a pop-up shop there (see photos below). She's got merchandise like there's no tomorrow. If you go on October 26, there will be a big opening party. I'm told there will be a giant Wheel of Misfortune, which you can spin to win prizes.

Says Emily Strange's website, "To celebrate the pop-up shop residency, 'Strange Brew' Chocolate Pangea Tea ($4.50/$7.50) and Emily the Strange-themed black kitty cupcakes by Hot Cakes Bakes ($3 each) will be also served at the Royal/T maid café."

Black kitty cupcakes? Huh? Wha? I did not see those.

Here are my picks for what you should spend your money on, Emily-wise:

click to enlarge badkittiesbag.jpg
1. Bad Kitties Bag

Just don't put your live kitties inside it.

click to enlarge empillow.jpg
2. Emily Pillows

They look great en masse. Put on sofa for simulacra of friends.

click to enlarge emilyouija.jpg
3. Emily Ouija Board

The Parker Brothers' ouija board that you can buy at any old Toys 'R Us is a classic all the way around. But this ouija board comes very, very close. Emily is always strong on graphic design.

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