Lady Vader: What if Darth Was a Woman?

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Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 5:25 AM

click to enlarge with_not_enough_bathrooms_on_the_death_star_lady_7920_1238707323_0.jpg

Why couldn't the most powerful, most feared Jedi in the universe have been a woman? Yes, we've been on a Star Wars kick here on Style Council lately. It got me thinking about that world and about how Darth Vader, a.k.a. Anakin Skywalker, spawned two children and one was a girl. Of course sexism is rife even in the distant futuristic past, and of course it was the boy, Luke, who got to develop his Jedi powers.

But what if Princess Leia had gotten the chance to train with Yoda and lift rocks with her mind and master the art of avoiding fear which leads to anger which leads to hate which leads to suffering and a long, lonely trip to the Dark Side? She might not have wound up on some crappy frozen rebel outpost. She might not have met Han Solo. But she would be one badass Jedi warrior.

Clearly, if these images below are any indication, people out there have been thinking about Darth as a woman.

Can there be such a thing as a Sith chick? Or must the Dark Lord always be a Sith dick?

click to enlarge FROM DRAGONCON 2008
  • From Dragoncon 2008
Fishnet stockings. Every sadistic planetary ruler needs a pair. Obviously.

click to enlarge lady_vader.jpg
The bobbed haircut is a nice substitute for the helmet. Clever girl!

click to enlarge 12_vader_lady.jpg
Looks like she sewed the costume herself. That's some decent quilting, and check out the detail on the fanny-pack-type thingies. Crafty.

click to enlarge mrmrsvader.jpg
Mr. and Mrs. Vader. These two have the right idea.

click to enlarge PHOTO VIA CHIEKOOW
  • Photo via Chiekoow
Not quite what a girl wants to wear when taking over the universe (it is chilly out in space, after all), but okay. "A" for effort.

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