Louis Vuitton Logo Extrapolation Ridiculousness: Mexican Houses, Trash Bags, Machine Guns & Tattooed Pigs

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Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 5:46 AM

The famous Louis Vuitton logo was introduced in the late 19th century as a way to prevent counterfeiting of the company's designer luggage. Ironically, it's now the most counterfeited brand in fashion history. Ridiculous extrapolations of the brand include:

1. That Random Bungalow in Mexico

click to enlarge lv_house.jpg
The greatest thing about it, aside from the fact that someone took the time to paint the logo all over his or her home, is the fence. No, wait, the iron bars over the windows. Soon, in an effort to keep up with the Joneses, the neighbors will retaliate by painting their house with the Gucci logo.

2. The Louis Vuitton Trash Bag

click to enlarge louis_vuitton_trash_bag.jpg
You think you're rich? This person is so rich he throws his trash away in LV plastic bags. You know what's inside the trash bag? Empty Louis Vuitton milk cartons and Louis Vuitton eggshells.

3. The Louis Vuitton Car

click to enlarge mexicalense.jpg
Dear Jesus, please tell me that the person who drives this car is the same person who owns the Louis Vuitton Mexican house. Thank you. Amen.

4. The Louis Vuitton Electric Chair

click to enlarge petergronquist_chair.jpg
Okay, fine. This electric chair was made by an actual bona fide artist, Peter Gronquist. But still, nice execution of the whole "death by fashion" concept. (Get it? Execution? Right!)

5. The Louis Vuitton Machine Gun

click to enlarge petergronquist_gun.jpg
Another by Peter Gronquist. Incidentally, he's the guy who made the gold Chanel grenade launcher that Sacha Baron Cohen carried at the premiere of Bruno.

6. The Louis Vuitton Chainsaw

click to enlarge petergronquist_chainsaw.jpg
Gronquist, again. An LV chainsaw for fashionista lumberjacks.

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