The Porta Hedge: Very Sneaky Mobile Artificial Hedge

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Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 5:24 AM

The Porta Hedge is a mobile artificial wall of greenery made of discarded fake Christmas trees on the outside, and surveillance equipment on the inside. It plays prerecorded birdsong (to encourage birds to use the Porta Hedge as a home). It also has chalkboards (for taking notes), and peepholes (for spying). The Porta Hedge has been touring the country this summer. It stopped in Los Angeles last month on its way to Vegas. It was so inconspicuous, I didn't even know it came around to our city. The ever-observant folks at Machine Project did, however.

click to enlarge VIA PORTA HEDGE TOUR BLOG
  • via Porta Hedge tour blog

click to enlarge 080309hedge_01_rect540.jpg

Says the Porta Hedge website: "For the comfort of the inside observer, amenities include a small bathroom, live plants, and an internet uplink." Due to overwhelming response during the summer tour, the Porta Hedge is now available for sale or rent.

click to enlarge Here it is, in front of Machine Gallery in Echo Park
  • Here it is, in front of Machine Gallery in Echo Park

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