Underwater Sculpture Garden: Beautiful, Eerie, Reminiscent of Cabin By The Lake

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Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 7:00 AM

This is so beautiful. And so creepy. Artist Jason de Caires Taylor creates underwater sculpture gardens out in the ocean. These ones are in the West Indies. The statues holding hands are cement life-casts of children. Coral will eventually colonize the statues. Also:

Objects appear twenty five percent larger underwater, and as a consequence they also appear closer. Colours alter as light is absorbed and reflected at different rates, with the depth of the water affecting this further...Water is a malleable medium in which to travel

click to enlarge underwatersculpt03.jpg

click to enlarge underwatersculpt02.jpg

click to enlarge underwatersculpt01.jpg

Reminds me of that made-for-TV movie Cabin By The Lake where Judd Nelson stars as a serial killer who was obsessed with making an underwater sculpture garden. But instead of statues, he used the bodies of women he killed. Innovative, but gross. And evil.

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