There I Fixed It: Stupid Things People Do, or How To Get Killed With Duct Tape

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Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 12:13 PM

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Donna Marie Dickens, 26, of Bowling Green, Kentucky, and Kiki Kane of Seattle, Washington run the site ThereIFixedIt.com. The blog started in May of 2009 and is a part of the famous Cheezburger network, which runs ICanHasCheezburger.com.

Donna, why did you start the site? It's pretty brilliant. Did people just start sending you photos of their weird contraptions?

The idea came to me several months ago. Living near rural Kentucky, I see a lot of hilarious yet unsafe fixes all the time. I'd looked around but couldn't find a site that was dedicated solely to the "kludge" and when I was hired at Cheezburger, Ben (the founder of the company) and Kiki loved the idea. At first we were scouring the internet to find images that were already available. Now that we've got a great community built up (and they are awesome), everything on the site is user submitted.

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When someone does some kind of boneheaded jury rig (i.e., the electrical power strip in the inflatable swimming pool), do you think the stupidity of it ever occurs to them? Or do they do it precisely because it's stupid?

The part of me that likes to believe human beings are intelligent, capable beings would like to make us both feel better by saying the "stupidity" fixes are in good fun or ironic but if I'm going to be honest, I'd have to say the danger of the situation probably never even occurs to them. Which is probably a good thing, otherwise ThereIFixedIt wouldn't have nearly as many submissions.

Is blogging about epic kludges your full time gig or do you have a day job?

The blog is one of many sites that Kiki and I are in charge of. However, it is my baby and therefore my favorite child.

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Of the ones up on the site so far, do you have a favorite fix-it?

It's so hard to pick just one...Every time I check the email, I find a new favorite. But if I had to to pick an all time favorite so far, it'd have to be the MacGyver Headlight; simply because he has TWO flashlights...indicating to me that he must get out to turn on the high beams.

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