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Comic-Con 2008 In Photos - Saturday, July 26

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Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 12:46 PM


click to enlarge ComicConSat071.jpg

OMG the Owlship! Squeeee!

click to enlarge ComicConSat074.jpg

Yeah, no idea, either...

click to enlarge ComicConSat249.jpg

The luchaderos didn't see much of the Con, from what we could tell they were parked on the corner of K Street drinking all weekend.

click to enlarge ComicConSat267.jpg

A Fett's love is very different from that of a square...

click to enlarge ComicConSat323.jpg

Obey the rules of the panel game!

click to enlarge ComicConSat326.jpg

Anime mania outside Ballroom 20

click to enlarge ComicConSat380.jpg

OMG Starbuck! Squeeeee!

click to enlarge ComicConSat413.jpg

Tools of the trade.

click to enlarge ComicConSat423.jpg

Robert Smigel and Triumph work the con floor doing what they do best: insulting the nerds. Who love them for it!

click to enlarge ComicConSat415.jpg

And the nerds do what they do best: Consume the magic.

click to enlarge ComicConSat340.jpg

Judging from the response that greeted this man, Joss really IS our master now.

click to enlarge ComicConSat444.jpg

Coming your way this fall, George Lucas and Aaron Spelling bring you "Indy's Angels"!

click to enlarge ComicConSat440.jpg

Must be a lo-fi way to get a satellite signal from inside the Con.

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