Bar 107's Sunday Morning Yard Sale

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Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 4:07 PM
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RUMMAGE! It was a splendid lazy Sunday at 4th & Main's premiere dive bar, with an in house yard sale/silent auction/bake sale, etc. benefitting the excellent School on Wheels, which assists in educating homeless kids downtown. In addition to the secondhand gets, $2 Bloody Marys and Mimosas flowed all morn' long.

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Shhh, respect our neighbors! (who are sleeping in, hung over, rather than trying to get to sleep...)

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Signups for the silent auction.

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Oooooooh, pretty. *hiccup*

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...and beer: Breakfast of champions

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Non-shoppers captivated by the Euro final. (GO, España!)

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Nifty bric-a-brac, camouflaged amongst the games of chance...

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...and right out in the open. (There was lots of bric-a-brac. Which is good, as we enjoy saying "bric-a-brac".)

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Luke: There's something alive in here!

Han: That's your imagination.

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Manky but adorable ladybugs pine for some feet to love them.

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It's all about a well-placed price tag.

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Mariachi lovah?

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"Hang on, this is the third time I picked this up..."

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Note to self: Never shop without stash.

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Hard to see, but there's a swastika on the star field. Ahhh, hipster hand-me-downs...

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LAST CALL for cheap alcohol! (AT 2 p.m., instead of 2 a.m., for a change...)

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