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Sat, Jan 27, 2007 at 7:01 PM

You know how MySpace has that section called "cool new people," and how, at least from the photos, these people always seem anything but cool?

Club Promoter Danny B is out to create an internet networking site where all the members really are cool…. and attractive….and successful…and oh yeah, single.

Called "The Thousand List" the site will feature one thousand people, the "WHO's WHO dating list for LA and London," they tout, all of whom will be heavily screened by the creators for hotness.

Of course, one person's hot and sexy is another's icky and yucky, so it remains to be seen just how desirable being on the list will be.

I've been to B's clubs, like Naked, which, coincidentally, just celebrated its 6 year anniversary at Avalon last night (though this Naked had nothing to do with him- his ex-partner threw the party). Naked's crowd, at least from what I remember back when it was at the Grand Ave. club downtown, did have its share of foxy ladies, you know the kind who love their halter tops, but the dudes left something to be desired. As Steve Aoki likes to call 'em, "the cologne crowd."

Anyway if you wanna see if you're up to snuff for the site click here and sign up!

If you're all about the MySpace, I've got something for you too. Check out this week's Nightranger where I talk about stalking its creator Tom Anderson at BPM's MySpace Guide to LA bash.

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