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Enter To Win A Plumb Prize Package

Enter To Win A Plumb Prize Package

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Enter To Win A Plumb Prize Package

Enter to win a Plumb’s prize package — all pieces are designed and illustrated by contemporary artists. Browse them all here:

A collaboration between Knock Knock, artist Tucker Nichols, and design firm MacFadden & Thorpe, Plumb originated out of the belief that creative people want more than blank or merely decorative repositories for their thoughts and ideas. Plumb seeks to make notebooks that not only look good but also serve as catalysts in the creative process.

Each season, the Plumb team works with three selected artists to create notebooks they want to see in the world. The artists are asked to think about how they use notebooks in different environments, for varied applications, and about the meaning and utility of recording their ideas. Often they are inspired by store-bought notebooks they’ve altered and hacked to suit their unique purposes.

The Spring 2014 collection feature artists Tucker Nichols, known for his smartly funny drawings and large-scale gallery installations, Sumi Ink Club, a Los Angeles–based participatory drawing project led by Luke Fischbeck and Sarah, and Brooklyn painter Katherine Bradford, who is inspired by water and superheroes.

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