LA Weekly's Street Team

  • Emily Nicole Rojas


    Bartending, going to Disneyland, Writing haikus


    Lucille Ball

  • Amanda Acevedo

    Los Angeles


    She and Him

    Ernest Hemingway

  • Halley Rebecca Crane

    LA, Baby!

    Cooking, Eating, Writing about what I am cooking and eating

    The Beatles (cliche I know, get over it. I own every record on vinyl)

    Julia Child. She'll cook, I'll bring the wine.

  • Broc James Moran (I like to go by Broc James)

    Chicago, IL

    Photography, Editing, Bartending, Professional Shade Thrower

    Mos Def & Childish Gambino

    MaMa June from 'Here comes Honey Boo Boo' just so I can complain that she is eating my French fries.

  • Joel L.

    Los Angeles

    DJn' & Bboying

    William Redd Thedford IV

    Anyone reading this bio

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