LA Weekly's Street Team

  • Jenny Adkins

    Indianapolis, IN

    Casual flute playing, admiring other people's dogs, attempting to do Pilates and having fun at LA Weekly Bar Hops.

    My only wish is for Celine Dion to sing at my wedding and Sam Smith to perform at my funeral.

    My future child, so I can feel at peace with myself.

  • Monica Mendoza

    Costa Rica

    Producing music, singing, drumming, swimming, salsa dancing, spending time with family


    Pharrell/Stevie Wonder

  • Broc James Moran (I like to go by Broc James)

    Chicago, IL

    Photography, Editing, Bartending, Professional Shade Thrower

    Mos Def & Childish Gambino

    MaMa June from 'Here comes Honey Boo Boo' just so I can complain that she is eating my French fries.

  • Cindy L.