LA Weekly's Street Team

  • Emily Nicole Rojas


    Bartending, going to Disneyland, Writing haikus


    Lucille Ball

  • Danielle Burke

    Clearlake, CA

    I enjoy reading, writing, being outdoors, shopping, spending time with friends and family

    I am a Taylor Swift fan ;)

    I would have dinner with Carrie Bradshaw somewhere in the late 90's in New York of course.

  • Cindy L.

    Los Angeles

    live music, cake decorating, eating & road trips.

    Otis Redding

    Anthony Bourdain

  • Brian Gurrola

    Santa Clarita, CA

    Film, photography, design, traveling, theme parks, & food.

    Arcade Fire

    Walt Disney

  • Monica Mendoza

    Costa Rica

    Producing music, singing, drumming, swimming, salsa dancing, spending time with family


    Pharrell/Stevie Wonder

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