LA Weekly's Street Team

  • Cristina Serrano

    Los Angeles, CA

    Photography, reading, and I enjoy watching a good film; from foreign to classics. I have a curious mind and can easily spark up a conversation with almost anyone. I enjoy and good dinner followed by an Intriguing conversation.

    The Rolling Stones and KC and The sunshine band. I love music, so way too many artist/ bands to mention.

    George Orwell - the author

  • Alejandra Rosales

    Venice, Ca

    Read Books, Play videos games, Sing, listen to music.

    The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac.

    John Lennon

  • Marcus Hernandez


    snowboarding, hiking, cycling,

    milky chance at the moment, & red hot chilli peppers

    Never thought about it i guess it would be someone I look up to or a really hot model. hahah But i'd say Elon musk would be pretty cool or Richard Branson. They are entrepreneur all stars and know what is takes to be successful in the business world.

  • Jacob Blackoff


    basketball, slaying dragons, dodging grenades, fast cars, whisky, traveling

    Kobe Bryant

    Action Bronson and my father.

  • Brandon Gwin

    Atlanta, GA

    Motorcycles, cameras and internet culture.

    A$AP Rocky, of all time: The Black Lips

    Jack Donaghy... my life coach.

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