That free rag with all the jack-off ads and snatches of content throughout. That one.

Bill Margold

— an XXX producer/director/star and journalist — embodies the waning moments of humor and double-entendre of a male world in which love means coming in a girl’s mouth and not her eyes. His weekly “Cinema Seen” column of film commentary reflects his personality: bearish-yet-bullish and irrepressibly friendly. He’s worked at the venerable

X . . . Press

(the “Ellis Island of journalism,” as he puts it) since August 1972. He brings his life into focus with the writing, most recently with his summation of themes of death and fairness in

Sin City

, the parable of loneliness in his

Batman Begins

review, and the situation of depression in the reviews of

The Upside of Anger, Ride the High Country, Wild Bunch


High Noon

— with their meditations on friendship, loyalty and honor — and are as influential on his writing as vintage hard X. Without a trace of irony, Margold calls


the “greatest friendship film of the 1990s.” He bravely staked out his niche in this unheralded corner of entertainment journalism that isn’t so much an independent press as an ignored one, for in that indifference lies freedom.

X . . . Press available at newsstands throughout Los Angeles.


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