World Record Claimed For Rocky Horror 'Time Warp' Dance At Annual West Hollywood Halloween Carnival

The 'Time Warp' again and for all-time.
The 'Time Warp' again and for all-time.

The 500,000 or so expected for Sunday night's West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval was a ho-hum crowd number.

The real one for the history books was 8,239 -- which Fox Home Entertainment claimed late Sunday was the world-record-breaking number of people who danced to the the Rocky Horror Picture Show's "Time Warp" on Santa Monica Boulevard during the annual block party.

Fox stated it was indeed a Guinness World Record, beating the 4,446 who previously held the mark.

The record-breaker was held in observance of the 35th anniversary of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Fox airs the show Glee, which gave a boost to the dance and tune "Time Warp" in a recent episode.

As for more on the WeHo party and its incidents of public intoxication, check the handy, dandy Weho Daily Twitter feed.

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