Wake Up Each Morning To Drug War History With The Drug Policy Alliance 2011 Calendar

President Richard Nixon was the original war-on-drugs crusader.
President Richard Nixon was the original war-on-drugs crusader.
Drug Policy Alliance

Every day we wake up we think, ah, what a glorious morning -- wonder what's happening in the world of drug-war history. California is, after all, the wake-and-bake state.

Good thing the Drug Policy Alliance is unleashing this handy, dandy "Sketches of the Drug War" 2011 wall calendar, just in time for the holidays. Give it to your favorite stoner/activist for Festivus.

He can wake up each morning to these drug-war images by artist Ricardo Cortes.

Who could forget the original drug warrior, President Richard Nixon? Now you don't have to. He's Mr. March (we think). Jimmy Carter, Nancy Reagan, George H.W. Bush -- they're all there. Even some dudes smoking Js.

Wow. Really? We hope this stuff gets legalized in California soon so we can go back to our Sports Illustrated calendars.

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