Village Voice's 'Best-Of' New York Will Lead You Straight To Downtown Los Angeles

Our colleagues at the Village Voice, our sister paper, handed us this steaming-hot edition of "New York Shitty" on a platter (thanks guys):

Brooklyn blogger Joshua Baldwin notes (via LA Observed) that a background image used for the Voice's "Best of NYC" cover this week actually captures downtown Los Angeles -- not the Big Apple it's supposed to depict.

Because we all know that when you're searching for the best in that cramped, rude metropolis, you'll end up going about 2,500 miles southwest to our fair city.

The best of New York is on West 7th Street in downtown L.A.
The best of New York is on West 7th Street in downtown L.A.
Google Maps

Writes Baldwin of the cover photo:

See the pizza joint? That's Corleone Pizza. I remem­ber the place. It's in freak­ing Los Ange­les! Down­town, in the jewelry dis­trict. I walked passed it the last time I was in town.

See the Weekly's listing for Corleone here.

In all fairness, we should note that downtown L.A. has served as a stand-in for New York in countless movies. And each time it certainly puts on Gotham's best face.

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