(Video) Ex-San Gabriel Mayor Albert Huang's Dumpling-Slapping Recreated In Brilliant CGI Video

A woman goes Secret Service on the mayor of San Gabriel's vehicle.
A woman goes Secret Service on the mayor of San Gabriel's vehicle.
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You know it was only a matter of time before a Taiwanese news outlet (how come Fox 11 News doesn't do this kind of thing?) came up with a superawesome CGI recreation of the Great Dumpling Incident of 2010. (Video after the jump).

We're talking, of course, about San Gabriel Mayor Albert Huang's run-in at a local restaurant last week with a female friend who slapped him with a steamer of dumplings like he was a dollar-short ho. Then things got really strange:

She headed to an ATM, he reportedly pawed at her cash when she returned, and he allegedly took off with her purse in his car -- and the woman hanging on.

All that led to Huang's arrest on suspicion of felony robbery and assault. He resigned from his top-dog position in San Gabriel this week.

He should just be happy they weren't at a lobster restaurant or, gulp, a place specializing in Vietnamese banh mi -- those sandwiches made from long, hard French bread. Yikes.

More on the tastier aspects of the story from our friends at Squid Ink.


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