Valuable Banksy Public Art Piece in Malibu Towed Away, to be Sold?

Banksy's 'Elephant' as it once stood in Malibu.
Banksy's 'Elephant' as it once stood in Malibu.
Ted Soqui

It looks like another Banksy piece from his days in L.A. for the Academy Awards has bitten the dust. But at least this one might ultimately be saved:

The U.K.'s Independent newspaper reports (via LA Observed) that the white tank in a Malibu field stenciled by Banksy with the words "This looks a bit like an elephant" was towed away by the owner, who intended to sell it to the highest bidder.

Correspondent Guy Adams writes:

When I stopped to ask what was going on, one told me that the owner of the land, a gentleman too miserly to have removed the oil tank when it represented a piece of derelict trash, now intended to flog it, to the highest bidder.

Profit taking with public art?

A hole where 'Caution' once stood.
A hole where 'Caution' once stood.
Ted Soqui

Wouldn't be the first time. A Banksy piece in Boyle Heights called "Caution" was literally sawed out of a wall.

Better than taking down a six-figure Banksy piece, as happened on Sunset Boulevard, and crumpling it up into a ball.

Or simply removing a Banksy piece for good.

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