USC Students Plan Walkout Over Kappa Sigma Email That Called Women 'Targets,' 'Sorostitutes'

USC students angered by an email that painted Middle Eastern women as sex "targets" planned on Monday to stage a mass walkout at lunchtime.

The email connected to the same Kappa Sigma fraternity that this week was in hot water after one its brothers was photographed having nude sex on a campus rooftop referred to Greek-system women as "sorostitutes" and suggested that "non-consent" was a better way to describe rape.

The Coalition for a Safer Campus and Community is staging the walkout. According to a statement sent to the Weekly today:

The walkout is in response to an email that has circulated USC‚s campus expressing misogynistic, racist, and classist views. The university-wide walkout is aimed to start a dialogue about sexual violence, misogyny, and racism. The goal of the walkout is to make USC a safer campus for everyone.

The 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. action will see demonstrators gather at the Tommy Trojan statue.

The spoofy email was framed as a sort of primer on how "pick up" women.


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