Tucson Massacre: Dodgers Set Up Memorial Fund To Honor Christina Green, Daughter Of Dodgers' Scout

One of the most heart-wrenching stories out of Arizona over the weekend was that of 9-year-old Christina Green, who had been elected to her local student council and had gone to a Tucson Safeway to meet Rep. Gabrielle Giffords that fateful Saturday.

Th daughter of Dodgers East Coast scout John Green, she was fatally shot along with five others.

This week a memorial fund was created in her honor by the Dodgers, LAist reports.

Donations will benefit the Community Foundation of Southern Arizona and can be made by emailing greenfamily@dodgers.com or licking here.

The girl's grandfather, Dallas Green, is baseball royalty. He helped lead the Philadelphia Phillies to its first World Series title in 1980.

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