Tough-Talking Carmen Trutanich Softens His Image, Tacks To The Left In D.A. Campaign

Trutanich also proposes expanding the D.A.'s anti-truancy program. Delgadillo make cracking down on truancy one of the signatures of his administration. Truancy has not been a priority of Trutanich's administration.

In his policy paper, Trutanich also vows to crack down on gangs. Delgadillo made that his signature issue, but it has been less of a focus under Trutanich. He has pursued far fewer gang injunctions, and gang convictions are down 31% on his watch.

"A lot of this sounds more focus group-tested than courtroom-tested," said Thomas, Jackson's campaign manager. "It seems to me to be a bunch of fluff to cover up for a failed city attorney."

Trutanich also wants to reestablish the D.A.'s environmental crimes unit, which was abolished on Steve Cooley's watch. He also promises to "strengthen and expand" the Public Integrity Unit," and appoint a director to oversee public corruption cases.

The other major candidates -- Jackson, Lacey, and Meyers -- have all expressed support for Dave Demerjian, the current head of the public integrity unit. Lacey recently suggested that Trutanich might use the public integrity unit to "go after" his enemies.

Shallman said that while Trutanich also supports Demerjian, he won't make any decisions on personnel until after the election.


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