TMZ to Launch Celebrity Scandal Tour of Hollywood and Environs

You've read the website and seen the TV show. Now see it live: "The TMZ Hollywood Tour -- Secrets and Celebrity Hot Spots" was announced Tuesday as a collaboration between TMZ and Starline Tours.

The bus tours will include stops where the famous committed infamous deeds. Such as:

The Beverly Hills Saks Fifth Avenue where Winona Ryder shoplifted, and the comedy club where Michael Richards went infamously "Kramer" in a racist rant on two African American fans.

The tours start May 1, and tickets will go on sale March 28.

Tourists will be guided by TMZ hosts via video clips, and they'll also be treated to "shocking and never-before-seen" highlights of celebrity scandals.

Can't wait.

-With reporting from City News Service. Got news? Email us. Follow us on Twitter, too: @dennisjromero.

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