Tiger's Alleged Mistresses Get Signature Golf Balls (And One's Not Happy)

As if the Tiger Woods saga isn't sleazy enough, a company called Creative Classics has unleashed a set of golf balls with names and likenesses of Woods' alleged mistresses emblazoned on them.

One of the apparent subjects, Joslyn James, was scheduled to hold a press conference in Los Angeles today with her attorney, Gloria Allred, to decry the recent release of "The Mistress Collection" edition of Tail of the Tiger golf balls, someone in Allred's office confirmed.

The balls are said to include a Rachel model with a likeness of New York Party girl Rachel Uchitel, a Jaimee, modeled after cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs, and the Joslyn, made to look like James, a porn star.

Mike Caldwell of Creative Classics told the New York Daily News the company has sold $40,000 worth of balls in three days. "It's been crazy," he said.

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