This Is The End: R.I.P. Four Loko

The last week of Loko lyfe as we knew it was an emotional roller coaster. We laughed; we cried; we bought teeny little Four Loko earrings for Mom on eBay. Here, the countdown in it's entirety:

Day Seven: Beverly Hills Craigslister Charges $70 For 12-Pack Of Four Loko

Day Six: Disguise Your Pussy Iced-Tea Can With Four Loko Slip Cover

Day Five: Video Suggests You Drink Four Loko 'Responsibly' By Making A 'Four-Mosa' -- Missing The Point Entirely

Day Four: 'Yale Health Chief' Sends Students FDA-Approved Loko E-Mail

Day Three: Life After Four Loko, Or, Brew It Yourself!

Day Two: Make It A Four Loko Christmas

Now that we're at Day One, Dec. 13, the end of the road -- because we couldn't say it any better -- we'll raise our last Cranberry Lemonade to the sky and repeat after the notorious Gwop Gang:

All together now...


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