The Politics of The L.A. County Redistricting Fight Explained -- With Venn Diagrams!

Molina plan
Molina plan

This is supposed to placate the Republicans, because it maintains the current partisan balance. But they don't like it at all.

Why not? We can speculate that it's because this would be a more partisan board. The three Democrats are likely to be more cohesive under this scenario than they are under the status quo. That would weaken both Republicans.

And Yaroslavsky also hates it for obvious reasons -- his seat is gone.

So what does this mean? It means that even though the demographic trends favor adding a Latino seat, the politics do not. Asking four out of five board members to agree on a new map is a recipe for maintaining the status quo.

If a new Latino seat is to be added, it likely will be by court order.

And thus concludes another exciting edition of Redistricting Without Maps (TM).


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