The Back Story

"Now, at least, she is free to beg."

The liberated women of Afghanistan.,3604,663054,00.html


"After the death of his first wife, he changed."

Robert Mugabe's fall from grace.


"I will not participate in a military occupation that has . . . made Israel less secure and less humane."

An Israeli reservist's resistance.


"The international community has hit the snooze button rather than respond to the alarm."

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists advances the hands on the Doomsday Clock.


"Bob Jones University is unashamedly Fundamentalist, but the term is beginning to carry an onerous connotation with the world at large because of the media's penchant for lumping Christian Fundamentalists in the same heap as Islamic Fundamentalists."

From now on, they're "preservationists."


"The landlocked country of 25 million is facing a crippling environmental disaster."

The natural cost of war in Afghanistan.


"Visionary tics shivering in the chest."

On March 12, Jack Kerouac would have been 80.


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