The Back Story

“When they’re fighting really desperately, [it means that] there are top people.”

Peter Baker’s terrifying report from the latest front.


“America is more than what Bush and Rumsfeld and the others say it is.”

Edward Said on the true state of the nation.


“Peak oil is a turning point for Mankind.”

Texans repent: The end is near.


“It’s very ironic that President Bush should be seen as weakening [the Clean Air Act], an environmental law tightened by his father.”

The EPA’s head of regulatory enforcement quits in protest.


“People living in heavily polluted metropolitan areas are 16 percent more at risk of dying of lung cancer than peoplein less polluted areas.”

New study proves air pollution causes cancer. Really.


“Have you heard the song? It really sucks.”

The country’s at war, and Ashcroft sings.,7369,661458,00.html


“Batman was unavailable to the panicked citizens of N.Y. on 9/11 . . . because he is private property.”

Can we have our superheroes back now?


“A possible reason for the tremor was the Americans’ large-scale use of powerful bombs.”

War and Afghanistan’s earthquake.


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