The Back Story

“I hate conspiracy theories, but the saga of the Bush and bin Laden families’ relationship through the Carlyle Group is fascinating and largely undisputed.”

The chronology of news stories Phil Agre distributed via his Red Rock Eater News Service. Collect all 21 articles.

“Kids need to understand that the president (and his team) will keep them safe and the evil-doers will be punished.”

“Enduring Freedom Trading Cards,” from Topps.

“[I]n the Urdu version of the article, bin Laden does not threaten to use nuclear or chemical weapons.”

Does he have them, or doesn’t he? Depends on which language you speak.

“Only if the pipeline runs through Afghanistan can the Americans hope to control it.”

John Pilger on hidden agendas and fraudulent wars.

“My God, the Yanks are using nukes!”

The “Daisy Cutter” at work.

“We were just trying to find a word for terrorist in Dari or Pashto. But there was no such word.”

Psyops among the Afghans.

“Americans have the right to express themselves . . . [But not] to force everybody to listen during school hours.”

The plight of 15-year-old peace activist Katie Sierra, on Counterpunch.

“Too many have the wrong idea of Americans as shallow, materialistic consumers who care only about getting rich or getting ahead.”

George W. Bush’s United States.

“What Bush and his cronies are constructing, nomination by nomination, with single-minded, greed-driven purpose, is not a government — it is a corporate monster.”

George W. Bush’s EPA.

“You can’t blame the president for the state of the country. It’s always the poets’ fault.”

What Ken Kesey (1935–2001) said to the Reality Club.

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