The Arms (and Legs) Race

So, what if I survive the apocalypse but have a pronounced limp from a phantom limb that won’t stop itching? I’ll just go over to Human Designs Prosthetic & Orthotic Laboratory for a quick read on how far the science of replacing human limbs has traveled. In a world where athletes like disabled and prostheticized sprinter Oscar Pistorius are disqualified for “technical aids that give the competitor an advantage over someone not using them,” Human Designs offers products that actually make humans with missing limbs almost superior to “normal” people. Not only does the company improve the life of the amputee or the congenitally challenged, Human Designs also makes them look incredibly cool in the process. Founded in 1990 by the extraordinary prosthetist Eric Ferraco, Human Designs manufactures its new and improved limbs on-site in Arcadia and follows that with rigorous testing. Ferraro and company have the technology to make a person stronger and faster than he or she was before. Last September, they unveiled the latest advance in bionic technology: the Proprio Foot, which augments the ankle to perform all the tasks the otherwise able-bodied are used to performing, like climbing stairs or rising from a chair. Can elective prosthetics be far behind?

49 E. Foothill Blvd., Arcadia, (626) 445-7797 or ?

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