Surface Tablet Crashes During Microsoft Unveiling in Hollywood

Surface Tablet Crashes During Microsoft Unveiling in Hollywood

You have to love Microsoft for complicating the uncomplicated and making the computer experience a nightmare for going on two generations now.

The behemoth unveiled its Surface tablet in Hollywood today, and in typical Microsuck fashion, the thing "crashed badly," according to News Photos LA. A replacement demo unit was quickly brought on-stage, apparently. Way to reveal your iPad beater.

Lulz, right? Not only that, but ...

... all those extraneous elements that Apple's Steve Jobs worked so hard to omit from the computer tablet (in the form of the market-dominating iPad) in order to make it a transcendent device?

They're back!

Yeah, the Surface is basically a super thin, small netbook with a keyboard and trackpad it calls the "Touch Cover."

Surface Tablet Crashes During Microsoft Unveiling in Hollywood

Couldn't leave well enough alone, huh Microsoft? It even comes with an "Integrated Kickstand," because holding a tablet or buying a cover is difficult.

The bestseller Steve Jobs noted that the late Apple co-founder dove into the tablet business after seeing what a crappy product the competition had. He stripped it down to the essence of the tablet and invented a new product category in the process.

Why did they choose L.A. to unveil this tablet/netbook in such original fashion (chin-scratching bald-headed dude parading onstage)?

It's all about content -- entertainment content.

So, ah, don't call this thing a Zune just yet.

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