Steve Cooley Wants To Have A Big Role In Picking His Successor

Another name in the ether is City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, who is close to Cooley and is thought to be interested in the D.A. job. But Cooley seemed to rule that out at today's press conference, saying that Trutanich has pledged to seek a second term as city attorney. He has indeed made that pledge, but politicians often find ways to wriggle out of those things. Cooley's comment appeared to slam the door, at least on Trutanich running with Cooley's support.

Cooley said that whoever succeeds him should be non-partisan, though it's not clear what he means by that, since he just ran a partisan campaign.

"If they're partisan, they can cancel their ticket," he said.

Presumably he means somebody like Delgadillo or Jack Weiss, which is to say, Democrats in search of higher office.

It does seem a little odd that a guy who just won 39% of the vote in L.A. County is claiming the role of gatekeeper. At some point, a reporter even asked Cooley if he has the power to appoint his successor.

"No I don't," he said. "The electorate will pick."

So long as that's clear.


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