Slyest Subject Headings for Penis-Enlargement E-mails

Re: What’s up?

You left your umbrella

Thanks for yesterday

Will it work out?

New movie award

Working hard lately?

I don’t even know

We work together

You left your jacket

Be all you can be

Still can’t find it?

Want the full story?

This should wake you up!

Fwd: your computer

Did I offend you?

Can’t believe I found you

Please don’t be angry

I want to see you again

Been searching long for you

Re: Please re-send this email

You’ll never learn

The case is closed

Ya know what I heard?

Why did you forget?

Fwd: The monthly get-together



And, for Good Measure, Most Straightforward Subject Heading:

You can get a larger penis

—Tom Christie


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