'Simpsons' Show Faces Foreign Backlash Over Nuclear-Themed Episodes in Wake of Japan's Radiation Crisis

Our favorite nuclear family is suddenly losing viewers in some parts of North America and Europe. And it hasn't done anything different.

No, the L.A.-born Simpsons is a victim of thinned skinned censors who fear some folks can't stand to consider consequences of nuclear power in the post-Fukushima age.

After censors in Germany said they would pull an nuclear-themed episodes last week, Canadian broadcaster OMNI Television announced this week it would do the same. Strange ...

The show's decades-long fascination with nuclear power seemed dated, almost Quixotic, before Fukushima's nuclear reactors started to blow off radioactive steam in the wake of Japan's earthquake and tsunami.

Out of sight.
Out of sight.

Now it seems prophetic.

The Ottawa Citizen reports that Fox has made it easy, giving OMNI a list of episodes that take place at Mr. Burns' nuclear plant (where Homer works). Hmm.

OMNI spokeswoman Koreen Ott tells the paper:

"We've pulled any episodes that deal with a nuclear theme."

God forbid we think about nuclear power during a time of crisis over ... nuclear power.

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