Shit Westsiders Say: VIDEO

'Of course they're fake.'
'Of course they're fake.'
Rebecca Zamolo

Shit people say?

Stop posting shit people say videos on my Facebook wall. That's what they say.

Alas, the meme is getting hyper-local, as expected, and we must explore the finer points of geographic stereotypes. The Westsider?

She's not so attractive when she utters everyday observations, apparently:

Chris McEuen and Rebecca Zamolo do a good job of capturing the Westside's typical casting-call-kids ethos, even if this is a bit "on the nose" (a term West Angelenos use).

Perhaps it hits too close to home. LA Weekly world headquarters is deep in organic, botox, pet-spa territory.

Did we just say that?

Coming soon: Shit people in Beverly Hills say. Just wait.

[@dennisjromero / / @LAWeeklyNews]

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