Sherman Oaks Residents Want T-Mobile Cell Phone Tower, Erected In The 'Wee Hours,' Taken Down

Some Sherman Oaks residents want to disconnect this call.
Some Sherman Oaks residents want to disconnect this call.

Another day another cell-phone tower controversy in Los Angeles, this time in Sherman Oaks.

We recently told you how neighbors at a tower site near Beverly Hills became enraged by what they saw as an un-permitted move by AT&T at 125 North Doheny Drive. Those opponents eventually won that battle.

In Sherman Oaks, NBC4 reports, neighbors say T-Mobile made a sneaky move and erected its mobile tower in a residential neighborhood in the wee hours when nobody could attempt to block it.

See NBC4's video report here.

Protesters, concerned about possible radiation in a residential area filled with families, say they will fight to have the 4G tower removed.

They say neighbors never received a required letter that would have warned them before the tower went up.

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