Serene Branson Grammy Trip-Up Caused by Extreme Headache, Says UCLA Doc

That strange on-air episode of jumbled language uttered by CBS2's Serene Branson during a Grammy Awards report Sunday night wasn't a minor stroke, as some had surmised.

Nope. According to her doctor, it was a case of a "complex migraine."

If anybody would know, it's Dr. Neil Martin, chief of neurosurgery at UCLA Medical Center, who spoke to the Los Angeles Times about the episode. (We have a call in to the doc).

He said Branson gave him her permission to discuss the matter.

Such a migraine (wow, break out the Motrin) can mimic a stroke. The Times:

"One theory about the cause of complex migraines is that blood vessels in the brain suddenly narrow, or spasm, and then dilate again. When they dilate, the headache develops. But during the spasm phase, certain parts of the brain receive too little blood, causing the stroke-like symptoms."

We think it was probably Arcade Fire winning the Album of the Year Grammy that probably brought the pain.

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