Sen. Barbara Boxer or Carly Fiorina, Who Has Better Hair?

A pollster with a sense of humor:

Public Policy Polling reports that Sen. Barbara Boxer, the Democratic incumbent, is beating former tech CEO Carly Fiorina 49-40 in a poll released today, though not in the category that really matters.

In addition to asking who voters will favor in November, the pollster inquired, "Do you have a higher opinion of Barbara Boxer's hair or Carly Fiorina's hair?"

Boxer came away with 19 percent to Fiorina's 14 percent. Fully two-thirds said, "Not sure," and probably with a look of bafflement and/or disgust when they heard the question.

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Of course, the pollster (presumably) isn't some retro chauvinist, but is making light of an incident earlier this year when Fiorina was caught on a hot mic mocking Boxer's hair as "So yesterday."


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