Santee Alley: Cinco Dolares! Check It Out!

This holiday season there are a trillion and one Barack Obama

items (T-shirts, hoodies, bags), lots of tees emblazoned with phrases

that tend to include the words "Krazy" and "Pink," though I've yet to

see anything that reads "Krazy in Pink." And, of course, guayabera


The kid with the elephantine feet still stands in the

middle of the alley, sometimes you'll be blasted by a Spanish-language

evangelical and none of the vendors will let you take their picture. At

the newer south end there's a pet store, a Mexicano wrestler-stuff

guy and several places where you can buy toy AK-47s.

(Try not to walk into an LAPD station with these to complain about a


I recommend starting out at the south end of the

alley, between Pico Blvd. and 13th

Street (where all the sweatshirts for ghouls, bangers, Razas and

regular joggers are concentrated.) This way, you won't be staring into

the sun while you elbow your way past what seems to be half of Los

Angeles and parts of Beverly Hills.

Santee Alley: Cinco Dolares! Check It Out!

Survival Kit: Pringles, sodas, WD-40, bongs, cock lighters and Ajax.

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