Santa Monica's Jerry 'Peace Activist' Rubin Ends 'Anti-Tea Party' Fast, Eats Solid Food For First Time In 175 Days

You gotta give it to Santa Monica's Jerry Peace Activist Rubin (real name). He's got grapes.

On Tuesday Rubin wrapped up his 25-week liquid-only "Anti-Tea Party Protest Fast." Bravo. That's better than throwing a shoe at your TV every time you see Sarah Palin. And no, Westside liberals, don't ask if you can get the DVD for the "Anti-Tea Party Protest Fast" Diet.

It's a statement, and it's not about great abs.

Actually, Rubin did lose 40 pounds during the 175-day fast.

He survived on tea, juice, vegetable broth, vitamin powder, soy milk and venomous feelings toward America's far-right wing.

During all this Rubin ran for a spot on the Santa Monica City Council. He lost.

By the way, and this is a deep exclusive for readers of the Weekly, Rubin revealed how he ended his fast to us:

"My wife Marissa lovingly fed me some grapes today."

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