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Revolutionary Uranus has been swinging back and forth over 25 degrees of Aquarius since May 2001 (which is when, the TV economists say, this recession began). You might not have felt its effect yet, but chances are you'll notice something different this week when the Scorpio sun eclipses the Taurus full moon while they both square Uranus. On the Sunday before Election Day, at the Scorpio new moon, Uranus went direct after five months retrograde. Now it's Venus' turn to flip forward. Will the eclipse trigger a noticeable change in your love life? And can Mercury's move into sagacious Sagittarius, also on the 19th, make us wiser or better informed? Dwell on this: Next week, militant Mars in "still open for negotiations" Libra forms a grand air trine with Uranus and Saturn. Better bombs, or a more balanced approach to war?


You might not be earning as much as you're worth, but rake in those bucks while you can. Tuesday's lunar eclipse across your financial axis could mark the beginning or the end of a cycle. Also know that next November there'll be another Scorpio sun-Taurus moon eclipse that'll tie into whatever occurs this week. Pay attention to what an astute acquaintance or colleague - e.g., an astrologer, scientist or ear-to-the-ground groupie - has to say. The key to your financial future may lie in his or her insights.


Since there's a Taurus full moon on the rise, you might be in a somewhat vulnerable position. You're also more emotional than usual, because the moon is exalted (more receptive) when it's in your sign, besides being full and about to be eclipsed. So if you're picking up mixed signals and reacting accordingly, do something to center and please yourself. Your retrograde Venus ruler turns direct on the 20th at 0 Scorpio, the degree it was at when the NFL season began in early September. What were you up to back then?


Sudden flashes of brilliance, novel approaches, an idea for a novel - indications that inventive Uranus is zapping your mental Mercury ruler - could convince you to stop weighing the pros and cons and immediately act on impulse. Remember, even a gut reaction begins in the brain. However, if your tummy does get upset, feel free to blame Uranus and the lunar eclipse for skewing matters that pertain to work, service and health. That's the area of your chart being targeted, and it's signaling for your attention.


Crabs react to the shifting emotionalism of a full moon more than the rest of us do. This month's full moon could be a bit debilitating, since your moon ruler is eclipsed by the sun. Because the eclipse occurs in Taurus, the sign in which Luna is particularly powerful, the result can be even more dramatic. Keep this in mind if you find yourself mooning (so to speak) over a romantic encounter or if you sense that a friendship is fading fast. Those are the areas of your multifaceted life most affected by Tuesday's soli-lunar opposition.


Don't be surprised if you're unable to make an informed choice this weekend, or find yourself vacillating between one extreme and another. While your sun ruler squares erratic and erotic Uranus, it's pointless to try to behave sensibly. Be as independent, ornery and idiosyncratic as you like, but understand that once the apple cart is upset, there's bound to be some damage. Tuesday's lunar eclipse is a good time to get rid of stuff, attitudes or a relationship that no longer works. It's what shed-the-dead-skin Scorpio is about.


You might come across as a bit of a kook this weekend while reacting to Uranus' unpredictable effect on your Mercury ruler. Occasions for this kind of oddball behavior occur three, four or sometimes more times a year, so try directing the exuberant energy to a situation that really needs to change. Innovative Uranus is the source of those precious "Eureka!" moments, the ones that confirm that sometimes you're as smart as you think you are. Concentrate on getting word about your current project out to the widest audience.


The solution to a problem about love, money or a combination of the two should arrive like a bolt out of the blue sometime this week. Since the lunar eclipse crosses your financial axis, you'll be acutely aware of your assets and your partner's contribution, or lack thereof. Daredevil Uranus in your house of romance, recreation and risk may acerbate matters by whetting your appetite for thrills and chills, for going beyond customary limits. Because your Venus ruler flips on the 20th, its imminent change of direction could throw you off-kilter, too.


Eclipses mark major moments in people's lives. So when the Scorpio sun obliterates the Taurus full moon on Tuesday, you may realize that something is happening that'll affect you for the next 12 months. This is especially true for kids celebrating birthdays this week, as well as for those who want to move or have to deal with an unusual situation at home. For natives born in October, the immediate outlook is more romantic: Lovable Venus turns direct on the 20th at 0 Scorpio, making you as sweet and desirable as the holiday desserts.


There's a fair chance that the lunar eclipse taking place in your Taurus house of work and health practices brings up, and hopefully resolves, an issue affecting you and your co-workers, e.g., a project deferred. It's also possible that you'll put riding, hiking and going to the gym, not to mention dieting, on the back burner for the holiday season. Another eclipse in two weeks, a total solar one at 12 degrees of Sagittarius, can have a significant personal impact on Archers. Factor this into your birthday plans.


In preparation for the lunar eclipse, Uranus hurls its signature lightning bolts at your casual acquaintances and close friends alike. Because Uranus is in your Aquarius money house, cash is liable to play a significant role in what transpires between you and them, or concerning a group you're all affiliated with. It shouldn't be that big a deal, because you've been living with Uranus' erratic but sometimes brilliant financial advice for a long time. However, an eclipse marks major events, so pay attention.


Because it's your surprise-filled Uranus ruler that figures into almost everyone's forecast this week, check to see what sort of damage is being done to your fellow man, or what progress might be made during the lunar eclipse. Play your cards right, and you can emerge the hero of whatever challenge is about to take place. On a personal note, your own drama may be set at home, under the disappearing Taurus moon, or at work, where the overbearing Scorpio sun dominates. A family matter could suddenly become a very big deal.


Since neither Scorpio nor Taurus poses any threat to Pisces, it's unlikely that the lunar eclipse will affect you in any measurable way. Maybe a computer program will go down, or your cell phone won't work properly, but by and large, you're in the clear. However, magnetic Venus turning direct on the 20th in your house of sex, death and other people's money can be favorable, if not fabulous. Oozing sex appeal is always an asset during holiday reunions, and easily charming the old aunties (Venus) could improve your chances of inheriting a beloved family treasure.


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