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It may feel a little wobbly for a few days, what with Neptune, the spin doctor, turning direct on the 22nd and Saturn, the reality check, going retrograde on the 25th. In between, there's liable to be a big surprise as Mercury and rebellious Uranus align in time for United Nations Day. The Scorpio new moon on Saturday generates lots of discussions, because Mercury fits so snugly into the sun-moon conjunction. But actions speak louder than words on the 30th, when the secretive Scorpio sun and militant Mars form a supportive trine. More tricks than treats for Halloween. Play nice.


It might not seem like a big deal, no fireworks or fanfare to mark the occasion, but while the sun and Mercury trine your Mars ruler this week, the words of approval you've been waiting for, a reward you know you deserve, can finally come through. And if you need to be clear and concise, e.g., if you're writing, recording or doing research, Mercury's support will sharpen your perceptions and help a rational argument hit home. The new moon on the 25th may kick off another cycle of relationship heaven or, because it's in suspicious Scorpio, hell.


Since the Scorpio sun and moon meet this weekend in the very early degrees of that sexy sign, it's primarily Bulls born near the Aries cusp who are slated to have - I'm not sure about "enjoy" - a mysterious experience with a significant other. The rest could initiate a new health regimen or be drawn into a research project, perhaps even become actively involved in a holiday charity event like Toys for Tots. Don't forget, while it's still in Scorpio, your Venus ruler is making you an elusive yet fascinating object of desire.


The urge to dig beneath the surface, to understand what is not immediately apparent, can be a strong motivating force right now. Since your Mercury ruler is an integral part of the Scorpio new-moon design, you could become a bit obsessive yourself, like natives of that fixed sign. And while Mercury and Mars align, you may also adopt the daredevil posture that contact with the Warrior god generates. Although a burst of bravery or bravura suits the adventurous Twin, make sure that curiosity doesn't kill the contented house cat.


New moons are key to what the Moon Child should expect over the next four weeks. The one on Saturday, in early Scorpio, favors sentimental feelings you have about the past, your extended family and the comforts of home. No crises, no conflicts. The sun-moon merger also coincides with Saturn's flip into reverse, which could mark a significant turn of events. Having Saturn in your sign can sap your strength or it can help you assume responsibilities you couldn't wait to chuck before. Either way, for the next five months, your life should feel less of a "lesson."


Lions born in the '60s when Neptune was in Scorpio may feel the urge to merge with the void or get loaded when the Scorpio new moon activates Neptune's escapist tendencies and musical talents. Teenage Leos, born when Pluto was in Scorpio, could be easily corrupted during the next four weeks; they should be a lot more wary of the temptations they'll be offered, especially at Halloween. The rest of you could re-connect with an errant sibling, argue with the neighbors or wander aimlessly through Home Depot. It's that mysterious time of year, again.


Although your Mercury ruler conjuncts the sun six times a year, these cosmic powwows don't take place in your house of values and assets often enough to suit you. So when they meet this weekend, try to pay attention to random thoughts passing through your fertile brain, also to secrets you may be privy to. Scorpio is very I Spy???like; it serves to turn your antenna up a few notches. Once you sniff out the potential for profit, Mercury will help you take the proper or the most effective steps on the 27th.


You might not be able to shake the feeling that even though Libra is practically over, you're still commanding more than your fair share of attention. This weekend the Scorpio new moon zeroes in on ways you can transform your personal life, improve your attitude or change something about your appearance that's been bothering you. If career matters have also kept you in the spotlight, relax. After Saturn turns retrograde in your Cancer midheaven, some restraints may be lifted and you'll be off the hook for a while.


Before it turns retrograde, perhaps it's time to appreciate what Saturn in Cancer, a compatible water sign, has been supporting so far? Other than helping you succeed with a joint investment that depends on your combined assets and moneys? Even though Saturn causes delays and other frustrations, it teaches patience, thereby insuring that you'll get practical, profitable results in the long run. Saturn might not be doing much to advance your sex life, but it could make you feel more responsible toward and about your partners.


Most Centaurs will be aware of the Scorpio new moon stirring up action in your house of professional peers and political involvement, getting you more involved in your hopes and wishes for the future. A new cycle in an up-and-down social life can also start this weekend, propelling you toward a dramatic climax at the full-moon eclipse on November 8. And while nothing of importance appears imminent, on another level, the Seer may sense that everything is about to change. For good or for ill, Halloween weekend marks a turning point.


Good press, good relations, good vibrations. The Scorpio new moon can generate feelings of success and contentment, so don't harp on the few things that are far from perfect. Focus instead on just how protected you are. Wise and generous Jupiter in Virgo, a compatible earth sign, is seeing that joint investments, inheritance, and insurance matters and assets you share with significant others are running smoothly. They'll continue to do so through the summer; after that, not so smoothly. Act accordingly.


During Scorpio, matters concerning your career and the family's good, bad or indifferent name tend to come up more frequently than at other times. Lots of "So what are you doing, now?" queries from not really interested acquaintances could put you on the spot. Therefore, during the Scorpio new moon this weekend, try to zero in on a suggestion that appears feasible, preferably one that connects to both work and home. Things can suddenly change after your Uranus ruler comes out of retrograde at the full moon.


These are generally gentle times for Pisces, no sign of tempest tossing from heroic Mars in your sign. Simple, supportive vibes from the Scorpios in your life, plus a Crab claw you can lean on. But if you feel you should keep an eagle eye on a financial matter that involves a friend, especially since that deceptive devil Neptune is gathering strength, go right ahead. Pretending to be someone else for Halloween is one thing, fraud is another. Where does romance fit in? For now, in your fantasy life.


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