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Faster, further, father. Excessive expenditures as seductive Venus tests generous Jupiter this Thursday, accompanied by a willingness to suspend disbelief while romantic, idealistic Neptune changes direction. It's been retrograde since mid-May. The peace-seeking Libra sun supports progressive Uranus on Sunday and paternalistic Saturn on Tuesday, making for a rare grand trine in intellectual air signs. Smart ideas or smart bombs? Meanwhile, Monday's full moon in Aries pushes for bold, ballsy action. Boom! Suddenly it's Scorpio.


The Aries full moon can have a dramatic effect on Rams born in mid-April, close to the Taurus cusp. You might not experience this strong an emotional reaction for a while, so pray that your flock will treat you with kid gloves. If they won't, simply leave the scene before you create a scene. All Rams might benefit from retrograde Neptune turning direct at the top of your chart; idealism and a more finely honed artistic sensibility return to facilitate a career matter that's been benignly neglected during retrograde.


Inventors, advisers and media majors may get an unexpected reward when the Libra sun in your house of work favors future-oriented Uranus in your career midheaven and respectable Saturn in your money house. This trinity of planets in air signs won't occur again, so take advantage of the opportunity you're offered, whatever contribution you can make to improving the human condition. Seriously, this week, while sweating the small, personal stuff, you can also operate on a more socially conscious plane.


Stronger, smarter and sexier. Finally, Twins get goodies for being unpredictable, multifaceted and artistic, instead of being thought of as "flaky." While money might not enter the picture, recognition and respect will, especially if you're on the playing field or in the halls of academe. During this particularly creative, divinely inspired period, you can do no wrong. Don't hold back or second-guess yourself; let the ideas loose and the words flow. You haven't been in this stress-free a position for quite a while.


Moon children are pretty intuitive to begin with, so if you sense that you've upped your psychic powers (during the rare grand air trine we're currently enjoying), don't assume you're qualified to host another woo-woo TV show. Think of an equally inspirational, otherworldly idea instead. After idealistic Neptune turns direct on Sunday, you're liable to connect to a spiritually inclined person who can act as a guide. Plus, the "take action" Aries full moon should help you finally choose between a career objective and a family request.


Playfulness and a generosity of spirit, two of Leo's more endearing qualities, are very much in evidence as the weekend begins. No harm, no foul and no big deal unless they irritate a serious-minded Scorpion hell-bent on running the show. However, this is one of those rare interludes when the rest of us are (relatively) conflict-free and looking for genuine inspiration. Which you are preparing to provide: next weekend, Pluto, a powerful healing force, rewards enthusiastic, ethical Jupiter in your sign.


This week, your Mercury ruler advances past the point in Libra where it went retrograde in mid-September. At last, measurable progress and fresh info to assimilate. There might even be moments of divine inspiration, since Mercury and mystical Neptune touch base just as the planet ruling the oceans, oil, music and movies comes out of retrograde. Also working on your behalf is a rare grand air trine with roots in your houses of services rendered, money earned and recognition bestowed. Plus, Monday's full moon highlights financial benefits. All good.


Read for Virgo. While the benefits headed your way might differ from your neighbor's, they are definitely favorable. You might not do as well financially - mainly because your Venus ruler is retrograde in your Scorpio money house - however, come November 21, when Venus faces forward, you'll have a wealth of experience to draw on. The annual Aries-Libra full moon brings to light the ingredient a close relationship needs if it's to grow and prosper. More spontaneity, less accommodation?


If you haven't figured out by now that magnetic Venus in your sign has turned you into a tasty flavor of the month, your other senses must be numb. Enjoy this period of irresistible attraction, experiment with your appearance, and if you're wondering just how desirable you can become, have the surgery you've been thinking about. This is also a good time to go into hiding, make anonymous donations and keep the nature of your particular branch of wizardry secret. Must be Halloween and Harry Potter time again.


Like heartfelt Leo, fiery Sag is building up to a memorable display of intelligence, healing powers and generosity. How this wonder of wonderful events will manifest itself is still unknown, but its timing coincides with the demise of Daylight Saving. Although you can't be sufficiently cool about the importance of what you sense is happening, at least be careful. When you do "fall back," we don't want you to land on your ass - a typical result of your Jupiter ruler's unbridled enthusiasm.


All the positive planetary positions in effect last week are still working to your advantage. Rather than look for petty, personal things to bitch about, use the opportunities that present themselves to solidify a friendly career-based relationship or to express your admiration for a public figure. (There's gotta be someone, somewhere.) Mercury in your socially savvy Libra midheaven makes your opinions more popular, and if you're advocating a remedy for a community problem, it can also help the medicine go down. The same applies to a family matter.


Coasting on last week's fabulous forecast? You don't have to do much this week to continue receiving good reviews. Just stay in the public eye so that your audience (we, the people) can recognize your shining - dare we suggest heroic? - qualities. Even a fixed sign such as yours knows that nothing lasts forever, but while you're in this extraordinary position, able to influence significant others - besides your life partner - why not epitomize the essence of Aquarian idealism?


Highfalutin ideas and suggestions for the future of society are being tossed back and forth, but somewhere deep in the secretive heart of a seductive water sign - i.e., Scorpio - there lurks the kind of obsessive love you've been searching for. So goes the saga of Venus in the sign of mystery and transformation. Why you're so intrigued by the possibilities the goddess offers has more to do with your fondness for unspoken, inexpressible emotions than it does with either rational or irrational thought. More Scorpionic energy once the sun enters on the 23rd.


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