Rockie Horoscope

OCT. 19 - 25, 2007
A friendly Aquarius moon and easy aspects should make for a pleasant weekend. However, things could get confusing by Tuesday as the sun leaves lovable Libra for suspicious Scorpio and bumps into retrograde Mercury on its way back into Libra. Information will be exchanged; whether or not it's reliable is where the confusion sets in. Perhaps your situation will clear up during the Taurus full moon Thursday night. Perhaps you'll have a sudden change of heart when Venus confronts rebellious Uranus earlier in the day. Perhaps what you need is a different costume.


Back to basics. Food, shelter, even clothing, could be the concerns that need your attention now. And while a natural disaster might not be in the cards, you certainly wouldn't want the holiday season to wind up that way. Planning ahead, even though Mercury is retrograde, is not such a bad idea, especially since your Mars ruler will be stuck in Cancer, the sign ruling your unruly family, for months, not weeks. The Taurus full-moon period is a good time to take a realistic look at your disposable income vis-a-vis your gift list.


The full moon in Taurus can serve as a reminder that your emotional health is due for its annual checkup. Because Luna is exalted in your sign, you won't have to dig deep to decide how you feel about a host of people and situations. Remember that Mercury retrograde leaves Scorpio, ruler of your significant others, on the 23rd to focus on folks who are not as close, e.g., dog walkers and wheatgrass providers. Around the same time, your Venus ruler could upset your social apple cart by criticizing a colleague.


Another one of those magical days takes place when your Mercury ruler and the sun crossed paths on the 23rd. Whatever you learn that day could resonate until Thanksgiving; it might also be a reason for reliving a romantic episode. Meanwhile, your unpredictable career arc can take another hit while erratic Uranus, at the top of your chart, is opposed by Venus at the bottom. Since Venus usually indicates a female presence, before it gets too weird ask Mom what surprise she's hiding up her sleeve.


Once you're aware that your moon ruler is exalted (exceptionally responsive) whenever it's in Taurus, the compassionate Moon Child might pay more attention to the importance of what occurs while the moon is full in this simpatico, sensual earth sign. This week, Luna can smooth out the rough spots you may be experiencing now that abrasive Mars is in your sign. Although your fan base appreciates the bigger set of balls Mars is gifting you with, your boss or another authority figure could take umbrage. Diplomacy, maybe dinner?


Try to spend some quality time on the road; that's where you'll benefit the most from what you glean during the meeting between informative Mercury and your sun ruler. It's also where you might catch a glimpse of the way your future will unfold, i.e., which of your goals will take priority and in what direction you'll be heading. From my experience, nothing speeds up change like taking a trip, making the "turnaround" and coming home; it's better than erecting relocation charts or consulting the Ouija board.


News you receive regarding something of value to you personally as your Mercury ruler merges with the sun on the 23rd can quickly become a major asset for both you and a significant other. The Taurus full moon could expose a wealth of resources you have in common, as well as the feelings you share with a partner; and because Taurus is such an earthy, sensual sign, the experience should be quite pleasurable. Just be aware that having indulgent Venus in your sign will make Jupiter's extravagant streak harder to resist.


Getting ready for Halloween may become a bigger, more costly deal than you anticipated. Even though it's lodged in pragmatic Virgo, your Venus ruler could put you in danger of succumbing to Jupiter's wildly enthusiastic plans. Going overboard is what these two "fortunate" planets try to get away with whenever they have a chance. However, Venus is also under the influence of unpredictable Uranus, and so you might have a change of heart at any minute. It's one thing to call off the party, another to be stuck with the bill. Cool it.


The folks you come in contact with during your daily rounds might play a larger role simply because the Taurus full moon is focused on them. Even if it's nothing or no one of major significance, you can't help but become cognizant of the many ways they impact your life. Just be prepared to adjust your own schedule to accommodate someone else's inability to make up his or her mind. However, if you're celebrating a birthday, feel free to throw caution to the wind and wrap yourself in luxury. Happy Halloween.


While a female client or an artist, one of Venus' minions, is pressuring your Jupiter ruler, you'll either rise reluctantly to the challenge or blow it off with a flourish. Although the cost might not be reckoned in dollars and cents, the situation that results can wind up costing more, in time and reputation, than you figured. Venus in hypercritical Virgo could also aggravate a tricky situation at home. Since the residents are easily rattled, use tact when putting up Halloween decorations or issuing invites.


Although Mercury is retrograde, its merger with the sun in your career midheaven on the 23rd can reveal more than the notes of that meeting imply. Better not take what you learn as the final word; after Mercury turns direct on 11/1, you'll be presented with yet another version. These revisions can be maddening if you're facing a deadline, e.g., Election Day, that can't be tinkered with. Since your partner's input becomes more valuable as we approach that date, get him or her onboard ASAP.


While not completely at the mercy of a woman with designs on your resources, you are susceptible to her wiles. Venus opposing your Uranus ruler in your Pisces money house suggests an unexpected expenditure is about to occur. If the goddess persuades an experienced and trustworthy colleague of yours to apply pressure as well, then the price you'll wind up paying can escalate dramatically. Perhaps the best way out of this potentially explosive situation is to lose your temper, rant and rave a bit, and let the chips fall where they may. Perhaps not.


Since idiosyncratic Uranus is in Pisces, you are as vulnerable as Aquarius is to the machinations Venus has in mind. If it weren't for the unpredictability Uranus brings to a situation, you would probably enjoy whatever an affectionate partner was planning. However, if you knew beforehand that it's likely to be expensive, as well as a lot of fun, maybe you wouldn't object if and when a surprise is sprung. Should the mystery thicken the closer we get to Halloween, and chances are it will, don't be frightened.


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