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Affability, amenability and attractiveness - qualities associated with diplomatic, harmonious Libra and Venus, its ruling planet - normally would be our main motivators. However, over the Columbus Day weekend, as macho Mars squares Saturn, the planet that governs the head of the family and the executive branch, war drums can drown out all other sounds. Life imitating The Sopranos, or peaceniks protesting the Bush administration's aggressiveness? Saturn and Venus, remember, turn retrograde just as the weekend begins, so there will be reversals. Mars marches into Libra on the 15th, which would be a good thing if the USA's natal Saturn (and W's Chiron-moon-Jupiter conjunction, the source of his popularity) weren't all in middle degrees of Libra. The big question: Will impatient Mars wait until the election before triggering military action?


Rams who have been in a tug-of-war lately, hoping to establish a judicious balance of power, should be careful that the game doesn't escalate into a no-holds-barred battle. After your militant Mars ruler joins Mercury and the sun in Libra on the 15th, your partner can become as argumentative and adamant as you sometimes get. Chances are the friction between you will generate a lot of heat, so don't be surprised if you feel especially horny. You're also quite lucky now, should you want to take risks.


This is the time of year when you're urged to make your best effort at work or donate time and energy to a worthy cause. Since such idealism won't last very long, better act on the impulse as soon as it crops up; the rewards could come just as quickly. Remind yourself that while your loving Venus ruler is in your Scorpio house of partners, there's no end to the pleasures you can share with your mate. Explore your mutual interests, extend your circle of friends, and make those romantic moments memorable. This, too, won't last.


One of the benefits of having sobering Saturn visit your sign is that it teaches you how to withstand anything that comes your way. Not only will you turn into a respectable member of society - not an easy thing for a playful, multifaceted Gemini - but you'll have the patience to attain whatever goal you set for yourself. So let the relatives rant and rave and the partners go through their changes; you'll more than survive, you'll emerge from this challenging two-plus years of your life way ahead of the game.


While magnetic Venus is attracting an assortment of affable and artistic people to your Scorpio house of fun and games, now would be the time to play the field. Potential lovers will be sexier and more romantic, children more amenable. Since this interlude lasts only until January, and can't be counted on to repeat with this intensity next year, don't feel too guilty if you put other concerns aside for the duration. Jupiter in your money house will continue to protect while you balance your obligations with purely pleasurable pursuits.


Lions are rarely encouraged to change. Who would dare question the air of authority you project? Nonetheless, you may be challenged to alter some things while beautifying Venus is in your Scorpio house of sexy lingerie, sateen sheets and kitchen makeovers. What won't disturb your domestic scene or diminish your self-esteem is the reward you're up for because you were fair, humane and respectful of someone else's - reputation. In your acceptance speech, thank the grand air trine and your sun ruler.


Although Virgins are usually very careful about finances, there's a greater chance you'll succumb to impulse buying once take-action Mars moves on to Libra. Not only will you want what catches your eye, you'll want it ASAP. Since the sun and your Mercury ruler are also in your Libra money house, it makes sense to focus on financial matters, what pleases you and what - other than goods and services - you currently value. Now that Saturn is retrograde in your career midheaven, polishing your reputation won't matter as much.


You currently have the power to express yourself with originality, clarity and authority. No doubt you assume this is always the case, but it ain't. However, while the diplomatic Libra sun forms an exceptionally rare grand trine with Saturn and Uranus in intelligent air signs, what you say and do can have a significant effect on the future. Particularly the future of loved ones. As eccentric or unsettled as these folks may be now, you'll be able to provide a sense of harmony and stability where it's needed. You must be Jimmy Carter!


Fortune is smiling on Scorpio - however, its goodies won't be served to you on a silver platter. Some sort of work, probably more of a pleasure than an obligation, is expected in return for the opportunities generous Jupiter offers. This week, contact with your cosmic benefactor comes through sexy Venus in your sign. Look good, be friendly, and extend yourself a bit further than you normally would. Instead of controlling the outcome of a situation, at least appear willing to take a chance and, if necessary, pay your fair share.


Step out of the picture for a minute and see what benefits can be bestowed on your team without any cheerleading on your part. A grand trine in air signs rewards the group you're allied with as well as your partner's participation. Since you may be in one of those go-for-broke, over-the-top moods that periodically get you in trouble or deeper in debt, try to recognize unconscious urges to indulge. Aside from that excessive inclination - due to another Venus-Jupiter square - you're good to go, but don't take off before the 27th.


Not only living well but doing well would be a Goat's best revenge. Luckily for you, there's a hefty concentration of cosmic energy in your Libra midheaven, so achieving whatever your current ambition is shouldn't be a problem. And because your Saturn ruler is retrograde in your house of the daily grind, you won't have to make much of an effort, either. Since the Libra sun will soon reward inventive Uranus in your house of money earned, put on your thinking cap and come up with an original idea or a fresh take on the tried and true.


It's not so much what you've done, it's who you are. Sheer power of personality, the essence of self, is what'll be rewarded while the Libra sun trines Uranus, your ruling planet, in your sign. You may have been supported by this favorable connection in prior Octobers, but this year the trine extends to Saturn, the ancient ruler of your sign, in your Gemini house of love and creativity. This particular alignment of your ruling planets, this wonderful grand air trine, - hasn't occurred in your lifetime and won't again. Make the most of it.


You might already sense that something is about to change, that progress is waiting just around the corner. Although your Neptune ruler doesn't come out of retrograde until the 20th, intuitive Fish know when the tide is turning. So if a range of things - art projects, relationships, deals - are on hold, especially since so many planets have recently changed direction, at least one aspect of your life will soon be back on track. It all depends on your rising sign and where Neptune in Aquarius is currently sitting.


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