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Those dire warnings about the national crisis we'll face when Saturn conjuncts the USA sun at 13 Cancer could happen sooner rather than later, later being when Saturn turns retrograde on October 25, at the next new moon, or when it's direct in June during the presidential campaign. However, the full moon on Friday at 16 Libra-Aries and the cardinal grand cross it forms are the phenomena worrying me. The diplomatic Libra sun opposing the aggressive Aries moon, squaring Chiron, the wounded healer, at 13 Capricorn, and that problematic Saturn. Yikes! Bush's natal moon/Chiron conjunction is 16 Libra; but besides Arianna (14 Cancer sun, Neptune/Mars at 14 Libra, 18 Aries moon), another famous person getting this much stellar attention is Kobe Bryant. Who knew he was addicted to sex? Kobe's magnetic Venus, passionate Pluto and horny Mars are clustered between 12 and 16 Libra, which adds up to a sexual powerhouse I haven't seen in anybody else's chart; well, there was something similar in Ted Kennedy's progressed chart during the Florida scandal. FYI: Kobe's 0-degree Virgo sun has been facing fierce opposition from the erotic, erratic, explosive Mars/Uranus transit. He is, as we say, lit. Meanwhile, for the rest of us, a supportive trine between Venus and Mars implies there's a truce in the war between the sexes.


Love and marriage, but no baby carriage. While your Mars ruler is favored by affectionate Venus (still in your house of partners), you could start a new romance, reconcile with a loved one, even come to terms with an opponent. None of the above will be difficult if you let a friend negotiate on your behalf. And if your spouse and a buddy are on the outs, this would be the time to lock them in a room until they kiss and make up. Be warned: The emotional full moon in Aries might call attention to your so-called "faults," e.g., impatience, self-absorption?


Like your Aries, Libra and Scorpio cohorts, Bulls may be deeply affected when your loving Venus ruler forms a positive relationship with Mars this weekend. But unlike the others, you can use the good vibes to advance your career. You don't have to sleep your way to the top, just be appreciative and show a bit of affection. This full-moon period also highlights the work you've accomplished and the services you perform on a daily basis, so there's a good chance they'll be exposed to the public as well.


If you lean toward Taurus (have natal planets in that sensuous, earthy sign), you can turn the favorable situation presented during the harmonious Venus-Mars trine to your advantage. Maybe get another perk, maybe a better gig entirely. If you're inclined toward the Cancer cusp, then acquiring something for the house or a family member will bring plenty of pleasure. And if you're pure Gemini, then count on your Mercury ruler, currently in Libra, to strike a happy medium between fantasy and fatalism.


Having gracious Venus in your house of interior design and family traditions should make you more comfortable if this particularly potent full moon brings a domestic issue to a head. Since the lunar event takes place in your Aries midheaven, a career matter might come into play as well. Crabs born near the Gemini cusp may be able to avoid making a tough decision while they're being drawn into a romantic escapade they can't, or don't want to, get out of. The rest could be stuck in a sticky situation for a while longer.


Everybody's stress level inches up during this critical full-moon period. Even though Libra and Aries are usually signs that respond favorably to the Lion's roar, you can't assume you'll receive the attention you require from those natives. A Scorpio or Sag might take time away from his/her own problems to help you with yours, but that's because your sun ruler and Pluto are in a position to repair something that got messed up last month. Or maybe their alignment will present a reason to wrap up a plotline conceived last December when they were conjunct.


A money matter could become a much bigger deal than anyone expects simply because this tricky full moon falls across your financial axis. Don't even try to negotiate while the aggressive, individualistic Aries moon and the peace-seeking, couple-centered Libra sun oppose each other; any favorable conclusion might exist only in your imagination. Wait instead until your Mercury ruler faces facts and overcomes whatever negativity you pick up when Mercury is tested by hard-to-please Saturn on the 14th. This way hopes don't get dashed.


Whatever has been quietly simmering on a back burner could come to a full boil during this dramatic full-moon weekend. Because the Libra sun opposes the argumentative Aries moon, and they both face challenges from strict Saturn in Cancer, count on having an interesting but not particularly pleasant time at home. For fun and possibly a romantic adventure, sneak away (easy to do while your Venus ruler is in Scorpio) with a talented Pisces playmate. A harmonious, rewarding trine between sexy Mars and the goddess of love and beauty shouldn't be wasted.


Assuming you remember last week's forecast, you should be at your seductive best by now, attracting the empathetic water sign (a Fish, Crab or fellow Scorpion) who will gravitate to the magnetic vibes you're emitting. Having Venus in your sign for the next three weeks is going to be fun! But if all you did was wash your hair and put on a new pair of jeans, you should consider the myriad ways Venus can improve your image. Money comes and goes through someone who'd rather stay out of sight or remain anonymous.


Like Leo, you could be in that funny place where what you thought was a given - the continuous affection and approval of Libra and Aries friends - isn't. And not because you did anything wrong - maybe criticized too heartily or dispensed too many words of wisdom? - but because they are immersed in their own stuff. There's a strong healing vibe at work for all the cardinal signs (the Crabs and Caps as well), which they'll connect to without you egging them on. Be cool, back off.


Since you're the cardinal earth sign, you're bound to be affected by the Libra-Aries full moon and the cardinal cross illuminated by it. Chiron, the wounded healer, in Capricorn is opposed by your Saturn ruler in watery Cancer, the sign of Mom, apple pie and the flag. How tricky is the situation you find yourself in and how gingerly can you extricate yourself from it? Be it a family, real estate, career or relationship matter, or all four, proceed slowly. Once you've been nailed to the cross, there's very little wiggle room.


Faraway places with strange-sounding names could be calling out yours. The connection between artistic, diplomatic Libra and the Aquarian concern for individual rights and sociopolitical action may raise more than a passing intellectual interest right now. Although imaginative Neptune in your sign has an affinity for delusions and daydreaming, it also encourages you to set your sights higher and to turn an "ideal" vision into something tangible. Where does your basically boring daily routine fit into this picture?


It's always hard to come back to earthly concerns after a week of romance and fantasy-fulfillment, but if you were born near the Aquarius cusp, you probably can extend the pleasure through the weekend, maybe into midweek. Afterward, all Fish may have to make do with happy memories or wishful thinking. The supportive alliance between mental Mercury and your Neptune ruler urges you to create, promote and record the pretty pictures in your head. And if you can postpone the financial matter coming to a head under this problematic full moon, by all means, do so.


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