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The sociable, artistic Libra new moon on the 25th can introduce plenty of pleasant and peaceful experiences, but it also could also promote another round of surprises. Some will be destructive (because militant Mars and disruptive Uranus are still close companions), some simply shocking. However, their cumulative force starts to diminish after Saturday, when Mars turns direct while Uranus continues on its slow retrograde trip back into Aquarius. Uranus will finally flip forward on November 8, the day of the total lunar eclipse and Grand Sextile - what is being called the Harmonic Concordance - and return to Pisces on the eve of New Year's Eve. Dates to circle in red.


If you've been less than busy while your Mars ruler has been in retrograde, then the pace should pick up shortly after Mars turns direct Saturday. If, on the other hand, you've been inundated with choices, some too weird for words, you may be glad that erratic Uranus is separating from Mars. Soon you'll be offered a much steadier helping hand. Until then, don't overlook or pooh-pooh the benefits a partner or ally can deliver while the Libra sun aligns favorably with mystical, musical, cinematic Neptune on the 3rd.


Must be the season of the witch. Maybe it's a little early for Halloween hijinks (not according to the stuff in the stores!), but while there's so much activity in your house of fun and games, take advantage. You can play around with impunity, especially if you come up with memorable come-ons when your romantic Venus ruler receives support, some of it clandestine, from passionate Pluto this weekend. Next weekend might be just as pleasurable, since the artistic Libra sun and imaginative Neptune trip the light fantastic.


Gemini artists of all types, in all mediums, whether professional or amateur, could benefit from the rewarding trine between the powerful sun in Libra and imaginative Neptune in Aquarius. If you were born around June 1, simply because your natal sun forms the third leg of a spectacular Grand Air trine, good reviews are a given. So much encouragement just might counteract the crap that can surface when your Mercury ruler comes across more Plutonic skullduggery this weekend. Shut your mouth, put on the blinders, reach for the ear plugs.


The couple-centered Libra new moon on Thursday holds the promise of a light and lively flirtation, but only for Moon Children who are not currently enmeshed in someone's knotty net. Those Crabs will probably continue to act responsibly, doing what is expected of them, even if it's somewhat under duress. But for the rest, watch out that your romantic aspirations don't become overshadowed by a household issue. Your abode or the person you pay rent to could become a problem during this lunar cycle.


Thanks to the sun's rewarding connection to Neptune in your marriage house, you may soon receive money or something else of value from a partnership arrangement. Put an imaginative, artistic, even a hopelessly romantic idea online (cyberspace is ruled by Aquarius), and see if launching it during the Libra new-moon period will make it as popular as you anticipate. Actually, this is an excellent week for visualizing in detail what you want the Christmas holiday season to be like. Consider the weeks between now and then the ideal gestation period.


Last week and this are the first time in 12 years that both philosophical, principled Jupiter and your clever Mercury ruler are in Virgo and moving forward. Could you be any smarter, any holier-than-thou than now? Since Mercury will shift into Libra on the 6th, concentrate on the thoughts currently coming to and through you. Conversations are crucial; one might lead directly to your next growth-oriented, mind-expanding experience. Relax; weighty discussions end with a light-as-air fun time next weekend.


The birthday bias, an ability to get away with murder because everyone is plotting your party, should be in effect this week. Somehow, a cloak of invisibility that'll suit any nefarious purpose or secret mission waits for you in the wings. But you don't have to succumb to jealousy or the suspicions that usually surface whenever your romantic Venus ruler and surreptitious Pluto line up. Instead, while the Libra sun supports imaginative, idealistic Neptune, you could replace the fantasies with a show of faith.


An unsteady, possibly explosive situation at the house or within the extended family might change after your Mars co-ruler goes direct on Saturday, but don't expect an instantaneous solution. The question marks can continue until Mars picks up speed and moves on to other concerns, like how to spice up your love life. An opportunity to do just that can arise when your Pluto co-ruler catches the eye of lovable Venus this weekend. Nothing permanent, maybe not even apparent, but a heart connection just the same.


Even if you're not Jewish, the holiness of the High Holy Days can have more resonance than in other years. That's because Jupiter, your expansive, ecclesiastical ruling planet, is in your ninth house of faith, philosophy and foreign affairs. Jupiter will soon move into your career midheaven and get busy inflating your reputation, but for now, it's encouraging you to have hope, be charitable and think beyond personal concerns. On the other hand, Pluto in Sag only asks that you keep mum about your latest sexual conquest.


A relatively quiet week. Not getting what you want might tick you off, but you know from experience that patience is the key to heaven, that what goes around comes around, and that, in one short month, Venus and your Saturn ruler will be back on the best of terms. That's when you should ask again. If you're looking to ease your discomfort right now, try making yourself more glamorous, more mystical. The sun's trine to Neptune is all about creating spin - a job you'd be quite good at.


The spacy spirituality that Neptune brings to the scene, the angelic essence a Victoria's Secret model only hints at, may be just beyond your reach. If you want to go there, you'll need someone else who shares your intentions or, at least, who can envision your idealistic, saintly self. Or you could opt for down-and-dirty glamour instead of all that godliness and goodness. Playing with personality types is easy when the sun supports imaginative Neptune in your sign. Too early for a Halloween outfit?


This is a good week to iron out differences between colleagues or a misunderstanding between your partner and a pal. Why the role of mediator? Must be the judicious Libra sun looking for a fair and balanced approached to anything related to your Neptune ruler. Their favorable trine aspect mainly supports you and what you intend to do. Whether you succeed is not as important as your understanding of the situation and your subtle influence over the people involved. You'll get another opportunity next month.


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