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It's a week when show business doesn't suck and when folks involved in creating both the show and the buzz are rewarded. Favorable trines to imaginative Neptune in Aquarius from Mercury and the intelligent Libra sun support those efforts. Meanwhile, loving Venus shifts from a demonstrative Leonine means of expressing affection to a critical Virgoan one that aims for perfection. Those criteria can turn upside down when Venus confronts idiosyncratic Uranus on the 6th. Be surprised, but don't act shocked, if your romance suffers.


Go ahead and let your enthusiasm run away with you. It'll be another 12 years until your Mars ruler merges with expansive Jupiter in your Libra house of partners again. How many opportunities can you pass on before the potential for profit and growth generated by the dynamic duo is gone? This month it's a glamorous, artistic or charitable project that'll have the strongest appeal, but keep an eye out for the bullshit factor. The best of intentions can be misinterpreted when illusionary Neptune makes the pitch.


Less accepting, more demanding. Watch how your attitude can change when your Venus ruler switches signs on Sunday from open-hearted Leo to picky, practical Virgo. Nothing slips past your critical gaze, especially stuff around the house. During the next three weeks it'll be a pleasure to replace the old or malfunctioning with the new and improved. Even formerly beloved items may have to go. Your social life, the fun-and-games part anyway, could actually improve while four high-energy planets cavort through romantic Libra.


Is air-sign-friendly Libra the one time of the year the family doesn't present a problem, or do you also get a break around Valentine's Day? Is your astute Mercury ruler too busy evaluating the offerings of the new season to argue with them? Nonetheless, Twins born in May might be distracted by a sudden change of heart when Venus confronts erratic Uranus on the 6th. The others are relatively safe, albeit quite impressionable, because they're being unduly influenced by nebulous Neptune. Hopeful, yes; accurate, maybe.


Scoot out of your shell and discover another pleasure in your neighborhood. The domesticated Crab is currently under the influence of a charming, civilized Libra vibe that is drawing you closer to an important growth experience. Of course, you'll wind up all the wiser for the interaction, but you could also become invigorated (both physically and psychologically) by what you'll discover about yourself and your neighbors. You might not turn into one big happy family, but you will forge a valuable connection.


No matter what you currently think of them, whether they're being helpful, hopeful or misguided, your present and past business and life partners can be intrinsically tied into your own financial well-being. Ultimately everything should turn out fine, because generous Jupiter is protecting your assets; however, you may have to lay out a small fortune now to ensure a bigger return. Pay close attention to the money coming in and going out, and follow your intuition while Mercury and your sun ruler meet midweek.


Since both signs are tuned in to the same wavelength this week, chances are you'll find yourself bonding with a Lion. Whenever the sun, Leo's ruler, and Mercury, your ruling planet, conjunct, the natives hear the same drum beating and get the same message. While you might not experience a gut reaction in the true physical sense, you know there's an intuitive force guiding you toward making one decision over another or, just as likely, advising you to bide your time until you come across more information.


Bewitched, bothered and bewildered once again, and probably on a much grander scale than the last time! Illusion-filled Neptune is busily strewing magical fairy dust in your direction, so although you can be successful handling the ensuing confusion and avoiding the hype, you know enough not to bank on fulfilling anybody's overblown expectations. However, nobody says you can't have faith and hope or perform acts of charity during these fascinating periods of high idealism and creativity.


Something that seems suspicious or not quite aboveboard about the scene at home or among other family members could come to light this week. That means the funny smell in the kitchen can be traced back to its source, or your sister's strange behavior might be explained, maybe even justified. The reasons that are revealed won't impact on you personally; still, it wouldn't hurt to know that you're more impressionable, more locked into groupthink right now than your cynical self usually permits. And your team is . . . ?


You could be a bit nervous about your permanent address; better get used to it. The question marks put there by unpredictable Uranus won't be erased anytime soon. Anyway, you may find a quasi-romantic reason to visit someplace new or to check out a potential relocation destination. Meanwhile, your career seems to be developing along less stressful lines. Still, you should be somewhat wary, because nebulous Neptune in your house of income earned is presently lit. Something fishy could be brewing.


No guarantee, but you might have a huge hit on your hands if you give the more glamorous aspects of your gig free rein as well as an appropriate, acceptable spin. Although there may be a whiff of scam attached to the chosen project, it's just as likely to be hailed as an inspiring act of faith. Obviously, delusional Neptune is the planet calling the shots this week, so don't venture too far into never-never land or take yourself too seriously. You may have to answer for any transgressions midmonth, when your Saturn ruler and you are challenged.


You could turn into a figurehead, the personification of an ideal or the perpetrator of a scam when mystical Neptune in your sign gets the full treatment this week. It won't help your reputation to play oblivious or claim to be confused by what is going down. In light of this miasma, try to stay on track and true to your personal point of view. On the other hand, the image created by those with whom you share a financial interest could work to your advantage, especially if you're an actor or musician feeding off fantasies.


Starring roles can come to those Fish who are genuinely unprepared. While it's your Neptune ruler that is drawing so much attention from the amenable Libra planets, the element of surprise, the shocker in this scenario, is unpredictable Uranus in your sign. Between two powerful planetary energies, you're bound to find a place, a position, that suits you. Just be aware that a lot of people are counting on your abilities to satisfy their expectations. As regards a romantic interest, flip a coin.


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