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Affectionate Venus changes her mode of expression, abandoning her critical Virgo mindset for the sociable Libra mode on Sunday. Mental Mercury switches out of charming, diplomatic Libra on Monday and gets serious about digging for the down-and-dirty while it is in Scorpio for the next 10 weeks, retrograde for three of them. On Wednesday, militaristic Mars in Libra rewards impressionable, idealistic Neptune in Aquarius, making it a stellar day for fan- and faith-based activities.


The addition of a fourth planet in your Libra marriage house can erase any semblance of enlightened self-interest you are trying to maintain. Especially since affectionate Venus is the planet tipping the balance in favor of your partners. There's also more than the usual amount of wishful thinking going on, enough to distort how you normally deal with friends and lovers. Put them together and you can project just how twisted, how flighty, how totally out of character you'll be by the time the moon is full in Aries on the 6th.


As long as the sun and your amenable Venus ruler are in your house of creativity and recreation, you'll stay busy pursuing art and romantic games. Eventually, you'll have to go back to the daily grind, but it seems you can put that off until Wednesday. That's when a client or your boss may make an offbeat request or give you the kind of assignment that needs a vivid imagination, boundless courage and your immediate attention to succeed. Athletes, lawyers and musicians - an incongruous grouping - will respond particularly well.


Your comfort level may change dramatically after your Mercury ruler enters intense Scorpio on Monday. So much for trying to keep things - such as your interest in a potential romantic partner - on an even keel. Should you also suspect that someone is keeping a secret from you, you'll dig deep to uncover it. On rare occasions, the multitalented Twins can be uncharacteristically relentless; this is one of them. This is also a period suitable to divine inspiration, especially if you're attracted to the art and religion of a foreign culture.


Subtle changes in your attitude toward neighbors (less critical) and family (less forgiving) might not be apparent this week, but you'll soon notice that they're reacting differently to the vibe you're putting out. Whether or not pleasing you is the objective, there's a lot of support coming from your folks right now, particularly if you're athletically inclined. This would be a good time to clarify what it is you want from them, e.g., a ski trip for Christmas, tickets to the Super Bowl, a new pair of skates. Don't be vague.


How much more confident about your gut reactions can you get? Some may say you're egocentric, even egomaniacal, but if they saw how many planets were congregating in the first three signs of your solar chart, the area Carl Jung called the "quadrant of intuition," they'd be a lot less judgmental. So feel free to go with your instincts while they are this acute. As the seasons change, there'll be plenty of time and occasions to follow wherever your emotions, awareness of others and intellectual interests may lead.


Far be it for a shy, retiring Virgin to feel as self-confident as the mighty Lion. Nonetheless, since you're in a similar boat chartwise, it wouldn't hurt to read the above forecast. On Monday, your Mercury ruler switches signs from agreeable Libra to insistent Scorpio, thereby providing the incentive to back up your opinion with honest research. If you're checking out a financial matter, a second-house concern, so much the better. Get all the facts before Mercury meets up with free-spending Jupiter on the 22nd and you're encouraged to buy.


As if the whirl of parties hasn't been frantic enough, this week your Venus ruler enters your sign for three-plus weeks of interesting social engagements and events. If you also happen to become the object of a secret someone's affection, don't panic. It's simply a natural expression of how devoted idealistic Neptune in your house of romance can be while it favors sexy Mars in your sign. And while you continue to be hot, know that this ephemeral planetary connection can't last. Nevertheless, you wouldn't miss it for the world, would you?


If you're in school, start planning your thesis. If you're in therapy, now would be a good time to uncover buried memories. Once Mercury enters your sign on Monday, no research project can escape your determination and piercing intelligence. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but for the next 10 weeks, it could be your saving grace. That's how long Mercury will remain in Scorpio, albeit retrograde from October 28 until November 17. Those would be the best weeks for digging through personal history, but first lay the groundwork.


The pressure to please a client or to get the job done correctly should ease up after Venus leaves picky Virgo on Sunday. In Libra, the goddess prefers to show her gentle, graceful nature. While she visits the sign that loves to party as much as you do, your social life should pick up considerably. Don't be surprised if you find yourself spending mealtimes with business associates and professional colleagues. Even political activists have to eat. By the full moon, a sexy member of that breed could show you something you didn't know.


Use your imagination. You're liable to receive some sort of reward while Neptune in your Aquarius house of values finds favor with Mars in your career midheaven. Since amorphous Neptune is hard to pin down, anything on your wish list, material or ephemeral, could fit the bill. Maybe someone will dedicate a song to you, maybe you'll meet a martial artist or military bigwig. No matter how the gift manifests, it's sure to rev up your imagination and send it into creative overdrive. More revelations during the Libra-Aries full moon next weekend.


Cherchez la femme or a feminine sensibility. Venus' entrance into Libra, a compatible air sign, could introduce a woman's touch to your latest moneymaking, money-spending venture. If, out of the blue, a fresh face is offering artistic or financial advice, perhaps you'd better listen. There's a broad spectrum of talents that the goddess represents, and having impressionable Neptune in your sign makes you more receptive to all of them. Actually, this week, you may be willing to follow a trail blazed by adventurous, macho Mars as well.


Intuitive wisdom is a wonderful thing. After Mercury switches signs, from airy Libra to watery Scorpio, on Monday, you'll be offered many more opportunities to benefit from what you know in your gut (and through your past history) is the correct course of action. Mercury may be the forerunner, but in a few weeks, you'll have daring Mars and the life-sustaining force of the Scorpio sun aiding and abetting your plans. Since Mercury is an excellent research tool, now would be a good time to formulate those plans.


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